Cold-chasing Butt-kicking Brekky

The kid and I are at opposite ends of this crazy throat thing that’s going around, so I rustled up some good, healthy fare to chase the blahs away. Eggs scrambled with chard from the garden, shiitake and curry plus a side of potatoes sauteed with onion–all with a healthy dose of black pepper. Followed by ginger-rosehips-jamaica blossom tea with lime and honey. Poor kid, she suffers so! Just look at those colors–I feel better already.

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Must Order Seeds…

Now that we’re past the tipping point in the solar year, and the light is really coming back, I can barely walk past a garden catalog without feeling the lure. But, the only thing I can rationalize buying is seeds-they re such a monumental bargain!

If you’re thinking of ordering seeds, or if you’re just tired of resisting the urge. Botanical Interests has free shipping on orders over $50, but hurry–offer ends February 10th.

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